Your new signature scent is here!

Your new signature scent is here!

Do you know somebody in your life who always smells great? They have a particular scent that is synonymous with their presence and it really suits them. You associate that scent with them and sometimes you'll smell it in another context or on another person and you'll think of that certain somebody in your life who always smells good. This is what is commonly known as a "signature scent".

That person you know has likely stumbled upon a Perfume that really suits them and brings them great pleasure to wear. It suits their skin chemistry and has gradually become part of their confidence and personality.

Do you ever wish you had a signature scent too? Well, let me help you with that!

custom perfume balms on rustic table with lavender


Identifying what you like

If you've been wearing fragrance for a while, it doesn't take long to figure out what you like. Even if you don't regularly wear Perfume, you might still appreciate a particular scent that you've smelled on somebody else or even a room fragrance that evokes happiness or joy. Chances are, the scents that you like all belong to a common category (although you might very well enjoy scents from many different categories). This is how we start to create your personal fragrance.

I wrote a Blog post recently about the Fragrance Wheel. It's a graphical representation illustrating the different categories that fragrances fall into. Many fragrances will fall into more than one category, but it's a helpful starting place for narrowing down what you want.

I encourage you to read about the descriptions of the categories, but if you're still having trouble deciding then I might be able to help you further. Send me a message with the names of your favourite commercially-available Perfumes and I'll try to figure out what is common among them. I should be able to suggest a couple of categories to you and we can go from there.

collection of glass perfume bottles


What's involved in creating your bespoke Perfume?

Once I know your preferred fragrance category (or categories), I can start to think about what notes I'll use and how I'll blend and balance them in your exclusive formula. This is fun for me! Of course I'm only going to work with essential oils, extracts, isolates, distillates and resins so it's not going to replicate any synthetic fragrances. As always, there will be no alcohol or animal products involved.

Having finalised the blend (after much tweaking!), I'll make your Perfume and pour it into whatever tin you like. You can choose from rose, white, black or silver. I'll then customise a label for you based on what you've chosen to name your Perfume. Finally, I'll make a little card for you describing your scent and what notes you will find in there.

information card describing the scent notes of your custom fragrance

And that's it! Your signature scent will be on it's way to your door. When it arrives, don't be tempted to open the tin and take a big whiff. Well you can of course, but you might not enjoy it. Your perfume will reveal it's true beauty when worn on your skin. Apply it to your wrist first, so you can easily smell it as it develops over time. You'll notice the top notes first, then the middle, until finally the long-lasting base lingers behind. Enjoy the journey!

custom perfume tin, box, and gift wrapping

A note of caution:

I will create a Perfume based on your Category choice, but fragrance is a personal and subjective experience and it's impossible to control for varying individual perceptions of smell. Also, body chemistry will vary and the resulting aroma may be altered. It is therefore possible that you might not love what I've created for you. I will be as disappointed as you if this is the case, but there are no refunds for dissatisfaction of the final aroma. I just want you to know that going in. You could always give it to a friend as a unique and beautiful gift. They may just love it! 


A big thank you to OzStickerPrinting

(Gifted for review)

I was recently gifted some gorgeous paper stickers from OzStickerPrinting. They reached out to me for a collaboration and I'm ALWAYS supportive of fellow Australian businesses!

The title image for this blog post shows the sticker that they created for me and I am so impressed with the quality of the final product. 

Information card of bespoke solid perfume balm

They also do a large variety of printing using various paper stocks and effects. Here's a sample of their work:

collection of Oz Sticker Printing cards and stickers

If you have a brand that needs stickers, business cards, or swing tags then I recommend giving OzStickerPrinting a go.

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